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Functional Analysis Volume 1: A Gentle Introduction
by Dzung Minh Ha

ISBN-13: 978-0-9715766-1-2
640 pages, Hardcover, smythe-sewn binding
2006, $73 Add to cart

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Click below to see the table of contents, and (in pdf only) the beginning pages of chapters 1-6, two pages from later in chapters 1-6, beginning pages of each appendix, and the last two pages of appendix D (solutions to odd-numbered exercises).

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Table of contents (in pdf)

Table of contents (in html)

Chapter 0 (Three important inequalities): first 3 pages

Chapter 1 (Metric and topological spaces): first 4 pages

Chapter 1: pages 88-89 (compactness)

Chapter 2 (Normed spaces and topological vector spaces): first 4 pages

Chapter 2: pages 165-166 (Banach spaces)

Chapter 3 (Operators on normed spaces): first 4 pages

Chapter 3: pages 243-244 (Banach-Steinhaus theorem)

Chapter 4 (Inner product spaces): first 4 pages

Chapter 4: pages 329-330 (Hilbert spaces)

Chapter 5 (The Banach space C(X)): first 4 pages

Chapter 5, pages 398-399 (Stone-Weierstrass theorem)

Chapter 6 (Additional topics): first 4 pages

Chapter 6: pages 445-446 (fixed point theorem for integral equations)

Appendix A (Set theory and functions): first 4 pages

Appendix B (Mostly linear algebra): first 4 pages

Appendix C (Some technical results): first  page

Appendix D (Solutions to odd exercises): first 2 pages

Appendix D (Solutions to odd exercises): last 2 pages