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Books are sent by the USPS; most are shipped from Michigan, zip code 48197. Priority mail generally takes 2-3 business days once it is shipped; media takes longer. Priority shipping costs more for the vector calculus book because it is so heavy.

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Media Priority
1 copy Vector Calculus $4.50 $9.75
1 book (other titles) $4.50 $6.75
2 books (any titles) $6.00 $13.00
1 copy Vector Calculus and 1 copy Solution Manual $6.00 $13.00
3 books (any titles) $7.50 $15.00

Sales tax: If books are to be shipped to New York state, sales tax is due. But if the book is required or recommended for a course, an exemption may be possible (this link is to the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance website). If you wish to apply for an exemption, please write

See note above about charge for priority shipping when only the vector calculus book (print version) is purchased.

Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach, 5th edition,

print book, $87

pdf ebook, $73.95

Both print and pdf ebook, $124

Student Solution Manual for 5th edition,

print book, $34

pdf ebook, $32.75

Scroll down for solution manuals to be used with earlier editions of the text.

Teichmuller Theory and Applications to Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics, Vol 1, $77

Teichmuller Theory Volume 2: Surface homeomorphisms and rational functions, $63

Functional Analysis, Vol. 1 A Gentle Introduction

print book: out of print

pdf ebook, $71.00

Solving Linear Systems: An Analysis of Matrix Prefactorization Iterative Methods, $89

Please make sure this is the book you want! Four customers ordered Solving Linear Systems when they really wanted the Vector Calculus book above.

Student Solution Manual for 4th edition, $33

Student Solution Manual for 2nd edition, $22.95

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