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Teichmüller Theory Volume 2
Surface Homeomorphisms and Rational Functions

book cover Teichmuller theory volume 2 John H. Hubbard
ISBN 9781943863006
262 pages
hardcover, smythe-sewn binding
108 color illustrations

2016, $75

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Table of contents (in html)
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Sample pages are in pdf. Four pages are provided for each chapter, one for each appendix. These pages are all copyrighted. You are welcome to print one copy for your use.

Chapter 8  The classification of homeomorphisms of surfaces
Chapter 9  Dynamics of polynomials
Chapter 10  Rational functions

Appendix C1  The Perron-Frobenius theorem
Appendix C2  The Alexander trick
Appendix C3  Homotopy implies isotopy
Appendix C4  Mapping class group and outer automorphisms
Appendix C5  Totally real stretch factors
Appendix C6  Irrationally indifferent fixed points
Appendix C7  Examples of Thurston pullback maps
Appendix C8  Branched maps with nonhyperbolic orbifolds
Appendix C9  The Sullivan dictionary

Mandelbrot set, 2 figures

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