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Solving Linear Systems

An Analysis of Matrix Prefactorization Iterative  Methods

by Zbigniew Ignacy Woźnicki

ISBN-13: 978-0-9715766-6-7 

Click on the links below to see sample pages from each chapter and each appendix. The pages are in pdf.

These pages are all copyrighted. If you find it unpleasant to read them online, you are welcome to print one copy for your use. For other uses, please write hubbard@matrixeditions.com to inquire about permission.

Chapter 0 (pages 1-2)

Chapter 1 (pages 5-6)

Chapter 2 (pages 41-42)

Chapter 2 (pages 68-69)

Chapter 3 (pages 70-71)

Chapter 3 (pages 107-108)

Chapter 4 (pages 129-130)

Chapter 5 (pages 199-201)

Chapter 6
  (pages 248-249)

Chapter 7 (pages 267-269)

Chapter 8 (pages 308-309)

Appendix A (numerical experiments for chapter 4, pages 349-350)

Appendix B (numerical experiments for chapter 5, pages 426-427)

Appendix C (numerical experiments for chapter 6, pages 478-479)

Appendix D (numerical experiments for  chapter 7, pages 514-515)

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