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Matrix Editions: Ordering books sent outside the United States

You may order online or by fax or mail.

Please see import duties about customs or import duties.

Shipping choices,  available for almost all countries  list of countries. Shipping time estimated at 6-10 business days; some destinations may take longer. Add 1-2 business days for processing of order.

The U.S. Postal Service has again raised its rates for international shipping.   We have increased our contribution to the shipping charge, but we sill have had to raise our rates. We are sorry about this expense.   We can also ship by FedEx international economy; please email for rates. Fedex tends to be more expensive.

  • International Priority flat-rate envelopes,  $24.95 (USPS rate $32.95 to $33.95). Canada only: $17.95 (USPS rate $23.95).  Our experience has been  good, but we cannot guarantee that your book will arrive in perfect condition; occasionally there may be slight dents to the corners of the cover.  These shipments are generally not trackable, although delivery confirmation is now available for some countries.
  • International Priority box, $63.50 (USPS rate $66.50 to $75.95); Canada only: $38.95 (USPS rate $45.95).  About four hardcover books may be sent in a single box; e-mail for details. Includes some insurance from the Postal Service.

Online orders

To order online, click an "add to cart" link to add a book to your shopping cart. You will be asked for your choice of shipping later.  (If this is your first order, please glance at the remarks below first.)

Optional insurance. Covers replacement of book sent by flat-rate envelope if the book does not arrive or arrives badly damaged. Slight dents not covered.   $2.00   Add to cart

Solving Linear Systems: An Analysis of Matrix Prefactorization
 Iterative Methods
 Add to cart

Teichmuller theory and applications to geometry, topology,
and dynamics, Vol 1
 Add to cart

Teichmuller theory, Vol 2: Surface
 homeomorphisms and rational functions  $63. 
 Add to cart 

Functional Analysis, Vol. 1 A Gentle Introduction $73. Add to cart

Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach,  5th edition ($87).   Add to cart  

Student Solution Manual for 5th edition ($34), 305 pages. For use with the 5th edition of the textbook.      Add to cart

Student Solution Manual for 4th edition ($33), 284 pages. For use with the 4th edition of the textbook.      Add to cart

Old Editions:

Student Solution Manual for 3rd edition. Sorry, this is no longer available.

Student Solution Manual  for 2nd. edition  ($26.95), 204 pages.      Add to cart

You will be taken to a shopping cart. If you want to order another book, use your browser's back command.

Of course you can always remove books from your cart or abandon your cart altogether.

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What if I  don't want to give my e-mail?

(4) Shipping address:

If your address won't fit in the space provided, please e-mail with the complete address. (We apologize for the inconvenience.)

(5) Please include a telephone number. The USPS requests a telephone number for international deliveries.

(6) Payment:

Two online options, both secure:

(1) "credit card" lets you charge your books to Visa or Mastercard directly.

What if I can't find the "card verification number"?

(2) "PayPal". Use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. Available in most (but not all) countries.

Please note: when the charge appears your credit card bill, there will be a Matrix Editions e-mail address next to the charge. If you have any questions about the charge, please contact us!

(7) Questions or problems?

Please e-mail