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serious mathematics,
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New York residents please note: an order combining print and ebooks should incur shipping charges only for the print books. Ebooks are not taxable in New York state; if you are ordering only ebooks and the shopping cart shows a charge for sales tax, try choosing "United States, not NY" as your shipping region, even if you live in New York.

To read your book, you will need to download the free Javelin PDF reader from Drumlin Security.

The ebooks come with bookmarks to help with navigation. You will be able to take notes and change the size of the type, but you will not be able to print your book.

When you order an ebook, you will receive an email with an authorization code that will enable you to read the book on up to two devices. Should you change computers, the authorization code can be reset; for help with this, write

Please note: you will also receive an automated email with subject "Transaction Receipt from Matrix Editions". This email will contain an "auth code" pertaining to your credit card purchase. This is not the code you will need for the ebook.

If you do not receive the authorization code in a reasonable length of time, please check your junk folder. (The process is not automated, so "a reasonable length of time" is measured in hours, not minutes.)

If you wish to try out Javelin before buying a book, every current standard version of Javelin (Javelin3 for Windows, Javelin3 for Mac, Javelin3 for Android and Javelin for iOS) includes a CATALOG icon or facility with the "Alice in Wonderland" test document included, with a free test code 123456789.

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