Matrix Editions
serious mathematics,
written with the reader in mind

Future books

Advanced Topics in Calculus by John H. Hubbard and Barbara Burke Hubbard (sequel to Vector Calclulus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach)

Dynamics: Introductory Lectures, by John Milnor

Dynamics in One Complex Variable by Xavier Buff and John H. Hubbard

Functional Analysis, volume 2, by Dzung Minh Ha

Scientific Computing: Theory and Practice, by John H. Hubbard and Florence Hubert

(English adaptation, probably in four volumes, of Calcul scientifique: de la théorie à la pratique, in two volumes:
Volume 1: Equations algébriques, traitement du signal et géométrie effective
Volume 2: Équations différentielles et équations aux dérivées partielles)

Teichmüller Theory and Applications to Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics, by John Hubbard:

Volume 4: Hyberbolization of Haken Manifolds

War and Peace in America, 1853-1868

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