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Reviews of Differential Equations: A Dynamical Systems Approach

John H. Hubbard and B. H. West

"Many of the contents of the book have not appeared in popular differential equations texts. In Chapter 1, the authors introduce the concepts of fence, funnel, and antifunnel, which have exceedingly useful properties not exploited in traditional treatments of differential equations. These new ideas provide enormous payoff throughout the text.'' — from a review of Part I, Mathematical Reviews, 1992.

"...both rigorous and squarely addressed to those students with the most practical needs. The well known exchange value between pictures and words is thoroughly exploited..." — from a review of Part I, Choice, Jan. 1992

"It crackles with wit and insight on almost every page.'' — from a review of Part I, Steven Strogatz, MIT

"... a carefully organized, beautifully written, and meticulous volume filled with perspicuous diagrams on every other page... an elementary treatment that should not be missed. Undergraduate through faculty.," — from a review of the second volume, Choice, March 1996.

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