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Reviews of The World According to Wavelets

by Barbara Burke Hubbard
published by AK Peters (now Taylor and Francis Group)

""When asked by colleagues in other disciplines ... what the fuss was about, I have rarely been able to communicate much beyond the fact that wavelets are genuinely new, exciting and useful.... Now I can confidently recommend Barbara Hubbard's book as mathematically reliable, historically accurate and free of hype." — from a review by T. W. Körner, The London Mathematical Society Newsletter, No. 247, March 1997

"Lovingly crafted by an award-winning science writer, this second edition of a highly accessible, prizewinning book retains its original appeal for non-mathematicians while incorporating expanded discussions of wavelet history, applications, and technical advances. — L'Enseignement Mathématique, July-Dec. 1998

"The author's style is natural and comfortable to read and the pace is good for the book's intended audience. Her care is evident throughout... She also conveys the excitement of science very well. This book would make excellent ancillary reading in undergraduate courses and perhaps for advanced secondary school students — Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik 855.

"If you know the Fourier transform and don't know anything about wavelets, this is a book for you.... In the first part you can learn basic things about Fourier transform (about its usage but also about its limits), what we need wavelets and what the wavelets are. It is explained in very simple language without any formulas. The second part contains basic formulas related to the topics in the first part. ... If you are a specialist in the wavelets area, you probably know all these things but if you are new (like me!) you will find that this book is quite useful.'' — from a reader in the UK ( review)

"This is a fabulous book. I would not have it as your only book on wavelets. I would read it first to get the big picture. Then get a more applicative or theoretical book as your detail reference. The author has a knack for explaining the basic ideas clearly and simply. Easy and entertaining to read but it isn't all fluff. You learn the sweeping and critical ideas and terminology. Has broad coverage. Get this book... and one other. '' — from a reader in Moscow ( review)

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